B4B TV Special: Refugee Week 2022 - Will Sutcliffe: City of Sanctuary

B4B TV Team
June 22, 2022
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B4B TV Special: Refugee Week 2022, Will Sutcliffe: City of Sanctuary.

To mark International Refugee Week 2022 (20-26 June 2022), Dr Sohail Ahmed speaks to Will Sutcliffe, Chair of Bradford City of Sanctuary.

Bradford has a rich history of hospitality towards those seeking sanctuary, and we are proud to be a City of Sanctuary. Now more than ever, there is a need for greater awareness surrounding refugees and how we as a city can do more for those seeking refuge and asylum.

The topic of refugees and asylum seekers can be an emotive topic and one that is commonly misrepresented in mainstream media. In this broad ranging conversation we explore a number of key questions for the people Bradford:

What is City of Sanctuary?

What is Refugee Week about?

What impact has the war in Ukraine had on perceptions of refugees?

How can the people of Bradford get involved and support refugees?

To find out more about City of Sanctuary: https://bradford.cityofsanctuary.org/

Refugee Week: https://refugeeweek.org.uk/

Other resources:



Host: Dr Sohail Ahmed.


Producer, Kashif Ahmed

Twitter/IG: @kashoncode


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